Givens LifeMinistries Community Nurse

Combining housing with supportive services is a common sense approach to create a thriving community where seniors feel more secure and enjoy an independent life knowing there is help in place if and when they need it. The Givens LifeMinistries Community Nurse is a key part of the Givens Affordable Communities team.

With focus on providing supportive services to empower residents to better manage their health and wellness needs, the Community Nurse offers wellness education, transitional care assistance, and guidance navigating the ever changing health care system.

Community Nurse Goals:

  • Assist residents in stying healthy and independent by simplifying their health care experiences.
  • Decrease hospitalization and ER visits.
  • Help residents understand how they can better manage their chronic conditions.
  • Assist residents and their families in navigating the health care system.
  • Care Coordinating and planning health services.
  • Provide guidance in making informed healthcare decisions.
  • Offer educational programs that focus on prevention, address issues on aging, promote healthy living, and improve quality of life.