Meet Jamie Thomason, Community Engagement Coordinator

Meet Jamie Thomason, Community Engagement Coordinator.

How long have you been employed with Givens Gerber Park:
December of 2019.

What attracted you to working at Givens Gerber Park?
I worked in the human services field for 15 years and then opened a café in Wilmington that I ran for 15 years. My current position is a perfect blend of my passion for supporting folks in achieving a life of purpose and joy and creating a café environment (when the pandemic is over!) where people gather to socialize, initiate and maintain relationships, and establish an inclusive and nurturing community.

What are a few of your primary responsibilities?
• Working with members of the supportive services team to create opportunities for residents to engage in life long learning and experience an enhanced quality of life
• Oversee and help lead the café team to create a positive dining experience and support residents in having appetizing and nutritious options
• Help create learning and entertainment opportunities with the GGP Channel 900 platform
• Providing an open door, an open mind and encouraging and supportive conversation and problem solving.

How is your job rewarding?
• Hearing positive feedback from residents
• Seeing residents form beneficial friendships and establish connections with each other
• Supporting residents in overcoming barriers that interfere with their ability to maintain their independence and self determination
• Seeing smiles and hearing laughter!

What is a fun fact about you?
Made my stage debut at age 8 playing Sleepy in my elementary school Snow White production. We were part of the chorus and sang Some Day My Prince Will Come!

How do you and your team try to make a difference for residents?
Listening, engaging and advocating.