Frequently Asked Questions

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Are pets allowed?

Yes, each household may have one pet. The animal must be no more than 35 pounds, and there is a one-time $300 fee. We require residents to register their animals with the office and have the proper veterinarian records, photos, etc. Residents must register their pets with the City of Asheville before living on campus. Pets must be leashed or in an appropriate carrier when outside of the apartment. Dogs are swabbed for their DNA as part of our pet waste disposal policy so we can match DNA to fecal matter. Residents must be capable of taking care of their pets and have a contingency plan in place if they are unable to care for the pet. Givens Gerber Park complies with all ADA and Section 504 requirements pertaining to service and companion animals.

Yes, Givens Gerber Park is an inclusive community, and we encourage residents to befriend their neighbors among our buildings. Residents have access to all the amenities on campus.

We encourage everyone to apply. Each building and program have a waitlist and the lengths of those lists vary and fluctuate. We understand applicants are anxious to join our community. We do not give out waitlist position numbers. Instead, we provide inquirers with the approximate waitlist dates of the applicants we are currently working with to qualify for move-in. Each household’s situation and income level are unique, and times can fluctuate based on the waitlist for that income level and turnover of apartments. It is important to note that we do not maintain the NC DHHS Targeting Program waitlist. Again, we encourage everyone to apply.

Fill out an application. The application provides the necessary information to determine your eligibility for the following programs, HUD, Tax Credit, or the moderate-income program. Buildings 40 and 50 share an application, and there is no application fee to get on that waitlist. Building 60 has its application, and there is a non-refundable application fee of $300, which can be applied towards your Administrative Fee.

You can find the application on this website under “Applications.” You may contact our office, and we will send you an application via mail or email, and you may pick one up from our office. Complete the application in full and fax, email, mail, or drop it off in person. Please call ahead if you would like to schedule a time to review your application with our staff. Complete the full application. We will notify you if there is missing information. After processing your application and approving your waitlist status, we will mail you a confirmation letter with your waitlist application date.

Building 60 has a $300.00 application fee. Buildings 40 and 50 do not have an application fee.

Applicants are required to disclose ALL income. Income calculations to determine program eligibility are based upon gross income amounts (before tax and other deductions). Management will evaluate exclusions and deductions as allowed by the various programs. Typical income sources are Social Security, Social Security Disability, pensions, employment income, business income, alimony, child support, income from trusts, stock dividends, interest on bank accounts, minimum required distributions from retirement accounts, income from annuities, income from rental property, and regular support from family members.

Yes, if the head of household meets the age requirements of the apartment’s housing program.

The community is 55+ with a few exceptions for specific program requirements. To apply for HUD subsidy, one member of the household must be 62 years of age or older OR 18+ with a mobility-related disability verified by a medical provider and which requires the accessible features of the apartment. The Targeted Program’s age requirement is 45 or older.

Current income limits for 40 and 50 Givens Gerber Park are at or below $39,240 for one person and at or below $44,881 for two persons. Current income limits for 60 Givens Gerber Park are at or above $39,241 for one person and at or above $44,880 for two persons.

Rents for tax credit apartments in 40 and 50 Givens Gerber Park range from $335 to $745 depending on income and apartment size (1 or 2 bedrooms). Rents for HUD-subsidized apartments in 40 Gerber Park are based on 30% of monthly household adjusted income. Tax Credit and HUD rents do not include electricity, landline telephone, cable, or internet. The rent does include water, sewer, and trash.

Monthly fees for 60 Givens Gerber Park include rent, utilities, cable, internet, landline telephone, and food dollars to spend in the Go To Café. The monthly fees range from $2,070 to $3,285 depending on income and apartment size (1 or 2 bedrooms).

Building 40 (120 apartments total, 94 one-bedrooms, and 26 two bedrooms)
Building 50 (60 apartments total, 45 one-bedrooms, and 15 two bedrooms)
Building 60 (82 apartments total, 60 one-bedrooms, and 22 two bedrooms)

Givens Gerber Park does not provide transportation, but our Resident Services Coordinators can assist residents in signing up for local senior transportation through Mountain Mobility. It is also a short walk to the city bus stop.

Due to the high demand for affordable housing throughout the country, finding a housing opportunity with no waiting list is rare. Almost all affordable housing programs nationwide have a waiting list of applicants. We encourage you to apply to multiple waiting lists. You can be on multiple waiting lists and move into another property while waiting for Givens Gerber Park. We have several links which may assist you in finding affordable housing: