Meet Enid Kathalynas, Social Work Intern

Name: Enid Kathalynas

Department: Supportive Services
Position: Social Work Intern

What school do you attend?

I’m presently registered at Mars Hill University.

How long will you be interning with Givens Gerber Park?

I will be interning with Givens Gerber Park from January 2022 to May 2022.

What attracted you to Givens Gerber Park?

What attracted me to Givens Gerber Park is the opportunity to work with geriatric residents and appreciate the insight of the maturing process. Also, it also provides methods to conduct the latest innovations in enriching their lives. It is important for me to have the tools that will help me provide a greater service. The experiences here with staff and with residents will help me hone my skills so I may be a better source of knowledge for this population.

What are a few of the things you’ll be doing at Givens Gerber Park?

I will be involved in conducting and creating activities, researching methods to be an affective social worker, visiting the residents creating relationships, and participating in events in the GGP community so I have a better understanding what my future may look like.

How is your internship rewarding?

The internship is rewarding through being part of a team that positively impacts residents’ lives. Learning about resident’s lives through conversations have impacted my experience for the better. It is helping me understand their individual circumstances, which provides me the experience I need so I know how to provide accurate resources.

What is a fun fact about you?

I am a delighted owner of two cats and three dogs. My favorite movies are Back to the Future and Toy Story. I enjoy growing orchids. My husband’s last business trip was to Amsterdam and he brought me back Tulip bulbs.