Alison Forgeron, Resident Service Coordinator, Celebrates 3+ Years with Givens

Givens Geber Park has not one, not two, but THREE wonderful team members that are being recognized for their three- and five-year milestones, respectively. Alison Forgeron has been a Resident Service Coordinator (RSC) for 3+ years! She plays a vital role in supporting and advocating for our residents and puts her whole heart into fostering enriching opportunities for residents to live fulfilling lives. She treats every one of our residents and team members with respect and positivity and with her sense of humor and easygoing nature she has built strong, trusting relationships within our community.

Recognizing three team members, we thought we could share three different perspectives on their time here and their invaluable contributions to our community- one from a resident, one from the honoree themselves, and one from their supervisor.

Barbara Meehan, Resident:

“Alison can make a day sunny even if it’s pouring rain and an individual is out of sorts. I am amazed because she is so intelligent, professional, and caring. How does she know our needs, I sometimes ask myself? Well, I have come to realize that it’s her heart. I have walked into her office numerous times and asked for her help and her response is always an immediate yes with a smile on her face. There are many ways Alison is there for us. When the poetry reading group, The Autumn Players, comes each month she so sweetly bakes us cookies, and on her own time! That makes them even more delicious. Alison is so intuitive and thoughtful and asks all the right questions. She cares genuinely, her smile radiates warmth, and she takes pride in what she does and accomplishes. She makes an individual feel heard. She is the essence of professionalism, and a person of understanding, caring, sweetness, and love. She is the essence of what living here stands for.”

Alison Forgeron, Resident Service Coordinator:

“There’s never a dull moment. I love that every day is something new- whether it’s helping a resident with something they are struggling with, being a listening ear, or planning an event or program for our residents! The residents show me every day that the little things that we do we as RSCs matter to them. The time has really flown by, I will be hitting 4 years in October this year. I have spent a lot of time with our residents and have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve formed and getting to know them on a personal level. I am so blessed to also work with the amazing team members at Gerber Park. I have gained so many lifelong friends- I couldn’t ask for a better team to be working with every day.”

Cheryl Wallen, Director, Givens LifeMinistries:

“As a Resident Service Coordinator and social worker, Alison proactively reaches out to provide advocacy and care navigation to many residents in our community. She is a valued member of the Givens Affordable Communities housing with supportive services team and enthusiastically strives to keep our residents engaged, thriving and enjoying their independence. The role of Service Coordinator can be challenging and complex, but Alison has a knack for emphasizing the bright side of any situation and always looks for ways to add fun and spice to activities. She is steadfast in her dedication and desire to provide each person with the care and guidance needed to make informed decisions that keep them well and warmly affirmed that they are deeply valued and loved members of our community. It’s a joy to congratulate Alison on her years of service.”

We are so proud to have her on our team! Please share your appreciation for her and check out the other blog posts highlighting our other team members’ work anniversaries.