Amazing and Simple Mustard Glaze

We all have our own secret recipes, but this one is so simple and compliments so many dishes! Before we get to this famous secret, Ms. Baker shared a quick background story about how she was known as the mother to invite over for a meal when her children were growing up.

When her children were in school, teachers used to fight to get her kids in their classes so they would have a chance at getting some of this as a Christmas gift. They found so many uses for it! She would bring this to any occasion as the demand was high. It is good as a dip, a spread, a glaze, marinade, on turkey, hotdogs, ham or sausage. You name it, somebody she knows found a use for it. She also mentioned that it is definitely a sauce to use for the upcoming Easter celebrations!

So try it for yourself, and see what you like to use it for!

1 Cup Coleman’s dry mustard

1 Cup cider vinegar

1 Cup sugar

2 egg yolks

3/4 cup prepared yellow mustard

Combine dry mustard and vinegar in a glass bowl. Let stand over night or at least 6 hours.

Put mixture in double boiler and add sugar and egg yolks. Cook until thick (20-30 minutes). Stir frequently.

While still warm, add prepared and mix well. (The less prepared mustard you use, the hotter it will be)

Store in refrigerator in glass jars