Celebrating Our 20+ Year Residents

20 years is a good chunk of our time. It takes 20 years to begin our journey of early adulthood, and even then, 20 (if not more) years to make mistakes, try new things, figure out who we want to be and how we want to live. If life is lived in chapters, 20 years at a time, then the last one is one to be savored, enjoying every page, and we’re grateful that our residents have written Givens as part of their story.

At Givens Gerber Park, we are pleased to share that we have three residents who have lived with us for 20+ years. That is no small feat and something worth celebrating. On average, the expected number of years in retirement is increasing year to year, men average at 18.5 years and women 21.5 years. Our residents beat that statistic, which is a testament of their lives well lived. They have collectively been residents for 67 years – Ms. Green 22 years, Ms. Poor 23 years, Ms. Bartlett 22 years.

Anyone familiar with Givens Gerber Park is probably thinking…“How? Haven’t you only been open for 8 years?”  What a lot of people don’t know is that while Givens Gerber Park is a new community, our history dates to 1979, when the flagship community Givens Estates consisted of 78-one and two-bedroom apartments funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Fast forward four decades, we marvel at our growth, and the continued efforts to support and house seniors of all demographics and income-levels. Our 20+ year residents lived in these apartments on the Givens Estates campus across the way from our Gerber Park location. Recognizing both the need to renovate the old apartments and the need for more affordable housing for seniors, Gerber Park was developed, and our residents transitioned with us to the new community.

It feels extra special to us that we have residents within our community who were with us throughout the entirety of the transition. Andrew Crosson, our previous Community Manager, said “The 20+ year resident milestone is special for the residents and the organization. Ms. Bartlett, Ms. Green, and Ms. Poor have all contributed in their own ways to making Givens Gerber Park a welcoming and vibrant community.” Any move in our lives can be stressful and especially as we age, but to witness our residents move and settle into an apartment in a new community and feel even more at home here- it is truly remarkable.

“What is your favorite thing about living at Givens Gerber Park?”

Ms. Green: “I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I have help if I need it, everyone is very friendly, I’m safe, it’s a great place to live. I don’t want to move anywhere else!”

Ms. Poor: “I don’t know where the time went. I enjoy every day. I feel safe here. We should all be thankful. It’s a great community, we care about one another, we check in on each other.”

Ms. Bartlett: “I love it here. I can walk in the hallways when it’s raining. I am very satisfied.”

Help us celebrate our 20+ year residents, the fulfilling lives they lived, and their mark on our community, we cheer to many more years celebrating them as they’ve helped set a strong foundation for years to come at Givens Gerber Park.

Ms. Poor
Ms. Bartlett
Ms. Green