David Nault, Maintenance Technician Lead, Celebrates 5 Years with Givens

Givens Geber Park has not one, not two, but THREE wonderful team members that are being recognized for their three- and five-year milestones, respectively. David Nault, Maintenance Technician III, is a ball of energy and a ray of sunshine. He is mysteriously always in two places at once, performing the world’s best balancing act of completing work orders for residents, managing vendors, and offering a helping hand whenever and for whomever needs it- no questions asked.

Recognizing three team members, we thought we could share three different perspectives on their time here and their invaluable contributions to our community- one from a resident, one from the honoree themselves, and one from their supervisor.

David Molnar, Resident:

“I am writing about David with great respect and admiration. David and his team work tirelessly every day on behalf of our residents. He patiently explains the details of everything he maintains. He also has a very comprehensive knowledge of the history of our buildings and the various aspects as to their construction…I am greatly impressed by his kindness and his pursuit of excellence in performing his duties!”

David Nault, Honoree & Team Member:

“I have always enjoyed working. I have done everything from administration in assisted living programs in the 80s to mental health and was raised to do things yourself, work hard, and all my life experience has come in handy in the past five years. I value all my relationships with the residents, it’s something different every day, and I’m never bored. I love working with people and take my job seriously because the work I do isn’t about the apartment, it is about our residents and their homes.”

Nicole Allen, Community Manager:

“David Nault started his career with Givens as a temp at Givens Great Laurels in 2019. During his time there David proved to be a hardworking and determined employee so when a position at Givens Gerber Park became available, we knew exactly who we wanted for the job. Davis has served in many different roles with Givens Gerber Park- Maintenance Technician I, was promoted to the Maintenance Tech II, and then to Maintenance Team Lead in 2023. With David’s newest promotion he has taken on additional responsibilities. In addition to his previous duties, David is working closely with contractors, scheduling repairs, and helping to negotiate pricing on contracts and quotes, all while leading and training the Maintenance and Environmental Services team.”

We are so proud to have David on our team! Please share your appreciation for him and check out the other blog posts highlighting our other team members’ work anniversaries.