Doris Gant, Administrative Coordinator, Celebrates 5 Years with Givens

Givens Geber Park has not one, not two, but THREE wonderful team members that are being recognized for their three- and five-year milestones, respectively. Doris Gant, our Administrative Coordinator, is everyone’s listening ear, sound board, and reliable companion. We often say without her, the place would crumble. She juggles multiple tasks with ease and humor, reminds team members and residents to remember that the little things in life are actually the big things, and greets prospects and residents with grace and humility. She is often the first person to introduce Givens Gerber Park, leaving a positive, personable, and lasting impression on anyone she meets.

Recognizing three team members, we thought we could share three different perspectives on their time here and their invaluable contributions to our community- one from a resident, one from the honoree themselves, and one from their supervisor.

Sandra Joyner, Resident:

“I adore the letter D,
Much that is grand begins with D,
Dogs, Dance, Dessert, Donuts, Devine, Democracy, Diamonds, Dickens, etc.
Then there is D,
for Doris who woos us, informs us, transports us, you are an imaginative unique composer and designer of our highly anticipated newsletter, leaving us with a lasting impression of your grand talent. I truly believe you could be a New York Times Best Seller! We proudly celebrate your 5 years of dedication to us at Gerber Park. BRAVO!!”

Doris Gant, Honoree & Team Member:

“I can’t believe it has been 5 years since I first came to Givens Gerber Park.  This is my retirement job – in other words the last one!  I am fortunate to have found so much reward at the end of my career and feel like I am going out ‘with a bang.’”

Nicole Allen, Community Manager:

“Doris Gant started with Givens Gerber Park in 2019. She served as the Administrative Assistant until 2023 and was promoted at the beginning of this year to the Administrative Coordinator. In addition to her previous duties, Doris is taking on more accounting work and assisting the Community Manager with various tasks. Doris is known for her talent of writing, crafting our twice a month connector, resident notices, and Send Word Now messages. She is the hub of data entry and the voice of the community- being the first staff member our applicants talk to- and the organizer of files and other paperwork. With all these tiles we can sum up Doris’s impact by calling her the glue that keeps our community together.”