Employee Appreciation Day

March 5th, 2021

Dear Team Members,

To celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day, we wanted to take a few minutes to express our sincere appreciation to every team member and all your many contributions. Each position within Givens Communities is vital to our residents and our mission of improving lives through communities, services, and outreach. It takes all of us working together to be able to meet our common goal of providing residents with the best possible care.

Over the past year we were challenged beyond what we thought possible and, together, have overcome unending obstacles. We saw you all knit together to meet each challenge with dignity and grace. We know you all jumped in to meet resident needs, even when it meant stepping outside of your normal duties to do so. With great pride, we witnessed our community adapt and thrive.

During turbulent and calm times, we have seen the courage and commitment of our team and are so very grateful to each of you for making a difference. We are each blessed that we work in a community where our jobs contribute to a significant greater purpose each day. While you may not receive a thanks of appreciation every day, we want you to know that we see the work you do and the difference you make in the lives of our residents, and you are very appreciated.

Today, we encourage you to thank those you work with for their daily support. By expressing our appreciation for each other, today and every day, we will create a culture of gratitude. Each one of you play an important and valuable role here at Givens and we cannot thank you enough for the originality you bring to the team and the joy you bring to the residents and one another.

Thank you!

With gratitude,

Ken Partin, CEO   Teresa Stephens, GAC Director    Christian Grunder, HR Director