Evan Bain Celebrates 1-year Anniversary at Givens with a Promotion

Help us give Evan a big Givens congratulations to his promotion of Lead Cook in the Go To Café at Givens Gerber Park! Evan’s promotion comes just in time to celebrate his 1-year anniversary.

What do you like about working at Givens Gerber Park?

It’s a switch up from the restaurant life I’m used to. I get to do the same things I enjoyed working in a restaurant, but at Gerber Park I get to interact with the people I’m serving too. I get to hear their feedback right away and get to know them on a personal level and learn the special things they customize with their orders.

When did you start to cook?

My dad was a cook and taught me how at a very young age. I remember being very tiny and my dad asked me to help brown ground beef. I also had a pre-school cookbook and used to make cake mix cookies.

Do you have a favorite memory from working here?

There’s a lot of honesty, and it’s all very wholesome. There are a lot of kind interactions- when I give someone a plate of food and they are genuinely surprised by how fancy it is and their mind is blown that we’re able to prepare and create this meal in affordable housing, that continues to make this place a great community.

What’s your favorite recipe/ dish the café has served at Gerber Park?

Pretzel crusted salmon dish. It is a family recipe that my dad used to make all the time, and I love that it’s been accepted here, residents (and team members) look forward to it on the menu.

How does the Café find their recipes?

It’s a combination of things we all have found over the years or continue to find online or from old recipes passed down in our families, but it’s a big, collaborative effort. I really enjoy bringing new, elevated recipes to the menu and have them be embraced by people. There is a lot of collaboration with the recipes between all of us who work here.

Do you have any goals or things you’re excited about with this new position as Lead Cook?

I’m excited to keep the morale good in the kitchen, being happy interacting with the residents, prepping the meals. I’m excited to cook more of the main dishes, and be a larger part of those decisions when it comes to the monthly menu. I think folks can be excited that there will be more creative energy reflected in the menu. We’re looking at creating more health-conscious meals, we are elevating meals and bringing things in that are unexpected, and prioritizing low-sodium, low-fat, heart healthy food. We want to cook for the market that we have, but we also want to ensure there are a variety of options for everyone. We are thankful that we have residents that give us honest and timely feedback about out meals. Cooking is so creative and collaborative!

We’re so thankful to have Evan on our team! The best way to celebrate him is to stop by the Go To Café for breakfast or lunch and enjoy a meal that he and the team work hard to create- with love, community at its core, and of course, taste buds on the mind.