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Givens Communities Sponsor Blue Ridge Pride Festival

Givens Communities is a proud sponsor of the Blue Ridge Pride Festival. This past year, we were able to come together in support of the LGBT+ community and its allies by participating in the parade and having a booth throughout the festival event.

Staff, residents, and friends of both came together to represent Givens Communities. Throughout the day, we were thrilled to talk to folks at the festival about our 4 communities – two LPCs and 2 affordable housing communities – we answered questions and conversed with so many smiling faces. The Blue Ridge Pride Festival is a daylong celebration, people were in high-spirits and proud to let their individually shine.

Givens Communities is certified by SAGE – a national advocacy, training, and consulting organization for LGBTQ+ elders. We’re proud to say we are platinum certified, meaning that 80% of Givens Communities employees have had at least 1 hour of LGBT aging training and 80% of our executive/ administrative team has had at least 4 hours. SAGE believes that “due to a lifetime of discrimination, LGBT older adults are more likely to hide who they are because they are afraid of mistreatment and isolation,” and Givens is committed to changing that.

Givens Communities continuously strives towards a more equitable, safe living environment for all to feel welcome and included to live and prosper in. We have partnered with experts to ensure so. With SAGE and Blue Ridge Pride we are learning and growing as an organization in positive, more inclusive ways.

With trainings, resident support/ ally groups for LGBT+ members, and internal committees overseeing our policies and recommending updates, we are aware that change does not happen overnight, but with dedication, hearts in the right place, and a community of people who care deeply about making their neighbors feel like they belong.

We support diversity in our communities- if you’re a Givens resident, or a friend of one, you’re a part of our family. Our relationships with one another are our most valuable asset. They keep us safe, happy, and feeling loved. We want you to feel welcome to celebrate that with us and feel at home in our Givens community.

Thank you to all for coming out to the parade, it was a wonderful day full of pride we loved celebrating alongside our Asheville community!