Givens Gerber Park Garden Committee- Tips and tricks

Simply bringing a plant indoors, whether from a nursery or a freebie from a friend does not guarantee success. A plant needs soil which is light and friable and for apartment dwellers a packaged potting soil is the best solution.

The right light is a gift to your plant, some plants require low light but most delight and grow more vigorously with increased light. Direct sun in winter or artificial light will invigorate growth.

Temperature and humidity as well as circulation are important to plants. Shock from being moved from a dark corner to a sunny window will take a plant time to adjust. Keep your plant happy with temps that vary no more than 10 degrees day and night. Let air circulate around the plant freely.

Water your plant according to instructions given when purchased. Some enjoy a drying out between and some love to be moist at all times, so know your plant. Watering from the top allows the minerals and salts to be absorbed by the roots and in general is preferred by plants.

Feeding your indoor plant can start with prepared mix with added fertilizer or You can feed when you water your plant. The simplest method is to feed each time you water with a very diluted fertilizer which eliminates guesswork and keeps the plant happy.

Plants offer a service to us by refreshing the air we breathe as well as bringing beauty into our lives. Adopt a plant and enjoy the benefits.