Ken Partin CEO of Given’s Communities Announces His Retirement

In October of 2020, Ed Towson, Chair of the Givens Communities Board of Directors, announced that Ken Partin, CEO of Givens Communities, would be retiring in 2021. Ken’s decision to retire will bring to close a remarkable career of 40 years of service to the Given organization. He has faithfully served Givens since July 1981 and has provided outstanding leadership to a community that grew from 90 residents to 1,550 residents. The Givens Communities organization is considered by many in the top tier in our senior living industry both locally and nationally.

Ken has received the 2021 Career Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement. This is a tremendous honor and representative of a career of courage, commitment, caring, collaboration, integrity, and resiliency. Criteria to qualify for this award include a history of commitment, leadership and service to a leading age community and in support of the state association; a demonstrated record of excellence in developing ideas and best practices in aging services; significant positive impact through advancements related to aging, service delivery, mission enrichment, and nonprofit philosophy; and a distinguished record of service, dedication, caring, and foresight. Ken will formally be recognized during the North Carolina Leading Age conference in Wilmington, NC on August 19th, 2021.

Ken’s 40 year career with Givens is reflective of all of these things and more. His vision and commitment have led to the growth of our organization from one community to four. Ken’s perseverance and integrity made much of this possible. Ken has been deeply committed to the residents we serve and formed meaningful relationships with them. He has further demonstrated this dedication by attending over 1,300 memorial services for our Givens residents during his career.