Leasing: Our Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

♦   How do you apply?  Fill out an application. The application gives us the information we need to see which programs you qualify for, HUD, Tax Credit, or the moderate-income program. Buildings 40 & 50 share an application and there is no application fee to get on that waitlist. Building 60 has its own application and there is a non-refundable application fee of $300 that goes towards your Administrative Fee. The application can be found on our website: https://www.givensgerberpark.org/. We can have one sent to you via mail or email, and you also have the option of picking one up from our office.

♦   How many apartments are in each building? Building 40 has a total of 120 apartments, 94 one bedrooms and 26 two bedrooms. Building 50 has a total of 60 apartments, 45 one bedrooms and 15 two bedrooms. Building 60 has a total of 82 apartments, 60 one bedrooms and 22 two bedrooms.

♦   Are pets allowed? Yes, each household may have one pet, for a one-time fee of $300.00. The animal must be no more than 35 pounds. If a resident has more than one pet and the second pet is verified as a Service Animal, there is no additional fee. We require veterinarian records. Dogs are swabbed for their DNA as part of our pet waste disposal policy. Yes, we match DNA to fecal matter. In compliance with the City of Asheville, all dogs must be registered with the City of Asheville and pets must be leashed when outside. This includes cats!  Residents must be capable of taking care of their pets and have a contingency plan in place if they are unable to care for the pet.

♦   Are the amenities shared between the buildings? Yes, Givens Gerber Park is an inclusive community, and we encourage residents to befriend their neighbors from other buildings. Residents have access to all the amenities on campus.

♦   What is considered income?  Applicants are required to disclose ALL income and management will determine exclusions and deductions as allowed by the various programs. Common income sources are: Social Security, Social Security Disability, pensions, employment income, business income, alimony, child support, income from trusts, stock dividends, interest on bank accounts, minimum required distributions from retirement accounts, income from annuities, income from rental property, and regular support from family members.

If you’d like to get answers to your own questions, please give us a call at 828-771-2207.