Name: Kimberly “Kimy” States
Department: Supportive Services
Position: Resident Services Coordinator

Number of years employed by Givens Gerber Park:
I started at Givens Gerber Park on March 14th, 2022.

What attracted you to working at Givens Gerber Park?
I have always heard positive reviews about the Givens Communities and thought it would be a great organization to work for. I previously worked with seniors at MountainCare Adult Day Services and enjoyed the experiences I had with them. I feel seniors contribute a lot, whether that be from experience, memories, skills, or ideas. There is always something to learn from someone else and they certainly provided that. Professionally, I wanted to expand my social work background and hopefully settle in a long-term career that suits my personality.

What are a few of your primary responsibilities?
I work with residents who may need support. Whether that be a listening ear or assisting them with finding relative resources or services to guide them towards continuing their independent role and teach them to advocate for themselves. Other important roles include empowering residents to be as self-sufficient as possible and assisting in forming or strengthening resident organizations. I will also help them fill out forms, interpret mail, any bill related inquiry, or help residents work with health care providers. I look forward to coordinating events and activities with our other Resident Services Coordinator, Alison Smith.

How is your job rewarding?
This job will be rewarding because I enjoy being a supportive person for others and playing a role to solve life’s many challenges. I enjoy seeing others happy and knowing I was able to help someone, even just a little bit, makes me feel fulfilled. I like creating new relationships and hearing about people’s life stories and what shaped them to be who they are today. Working at Givens Gerber Park will provide me with these opportunities!

What is a fun fact about you?
I have two cats, Izzy (long-haired Calico who is 9 years old) and Lilo (Lilac Siamese who will be 3 years old in the fall).
I also have a terrible sweet tooth, and love to bake!

How do you and your team try to make a difference for residents?
We understand everyone that moves to Givens Gerber Park comes from all walks of life and we want to make everyone feel equal and that their voices are being heard. We provide multiple opportunities to promote socialization, physical and mental stimulation and wellbeing, and support. This is displayed through our staff’s work culture, activities, resources, and resident-run groups.