Partners of Gerber Park: Meet Lyle Boyd, Optician

Lyle Boyd, owner of Carolina Mobile Optics and an optician since 1977, visits Givens Gerber Park every month, delivering individualized care to our residents in the convenience of staying close to home. We sat down with him recently to talk about what led to this lifelong passion and how his business around Western North Carolina helps folks with more than just seeing better but living confidently as well.

Carolina Mobile Optics, founded in 2013, is a new business for Lyle in comparison to the 46 years he’s been in the industry and a board-certified optician. He started Carolina Mobile Optics when he “quasi retired.” He had previously worked for Asheville Eye Associates and was instrumental in their growth that amounted to 5 other locations and the onboarding of numerous other doctors. His passion to continue serving the community and fitting folks with glasses that embody who they are is unstoppable- he loves what he does and it’s apparent by how much time and effort he takes to set up shop and the acute attention he gives to the residents that visit him.

A resident wearing (and rocking) red framed glasses from Mobile Optics.

Walking around our community, I often find myself complimenting residents’ glasses, I notice the intricate details that set them apart- some frames shaped in ways I’ve never seen before, other colors and patterns that are hard to ignore. Residents are delighted to tell me that they got their glasses from Lyle, right here, on our campus. He brings in 500 options to choose from, you could be perusing for hours if you want to be. He understands that choosing a pair of glasses is more than just a eye-wear, it is indicative of how you relate to the world around you. And practically, it’s a choice that affects every aspect of one’s day-to-day life. If you buy a pair that doesn’t work for you, you’ll spend a lot of your energy worrying and agitated about it.

“Glasses should feel like you’re not wearing them,” he told me. He guarantees that anyone that uses his service won’t go home without them looking nice and fitting right. Carolina Mobile Optics offers full eyewear service for residents at Givens Gerber Park, and visits other Givens Communities too. Lyle takes care of our residents- styling, measuring, and assuring each pair of glasses is a perfect fit. Any prescription or specification ordered by their doctor can be distributed. Lyle is careful and considerate when reviewing any prescription, listening to each resident’s experience. If a resident is dissatisfied or feels like something doesn’t fit right, Lyle will ease those concerns and ensure their needs are met. When I was sitting down with him, a resident came into the room and asked Lyle, “Do you have any more of what I’m wearing?” Her delight with the question confirmed wholeheartedly that she was satisfied with her glasses and the care she received.

Residents, you may not know this, but let me remind you that Lyle at Carolina Mobile Optics will provide free expert repairs and adjustments to keep your glasses fitting properly. You do not have to purchase your existing glasses from him for this service. Gerber Park is proud to be among the senior living communities that receives his business. We encourage our residents to stop by and say hello to Lyle when Carolina Mobile Optics next visits our community. You could be one of the many residents saying “It’s one of the best pair of glasses I’ve ever had.” With over 500 frames to choose from, his service and commitment helps people look and feel their best. For over 58 years, Lyle has been working with glasses, a testament to his knowledge, passion, and understanding of the business and the importance of a functional (and fashionable) pair of glasses.