Porch Gatherings Offer Support for Residents Navigating Loss

The Porch Gathering is a safe and tender space of ‘human connectedness’ focused on mindful awareness, respect, empathy, and the giving and receiving of compassionate support centered around grief and loss.

This grief and loss support group provides a safe space for understanding, growth and healing where every person and their experience are valued and connections are cultivated to help us on our grief journey forward with hope and renewal. Bring a friend, neighbor, or companion to gather in conversation and sharing of life experiences and stories of loss, isolation, joy, overcoming, healing, hope and resilience.

Porch Gathering sessions will initially be led by Cheryl Wallen/Givens LifeMinistries and Michael Faulkner, Engaged Behavioral Health the 4th Wednesday of each month. There will be future opportunities for special guest speakers and even group members to guide session dialogue or creative activities as the group’s needs and interests take shape.