Resident Service Coordinator Appreciation Day

It’s Resident Service Coordinator Appreciation Day, and while we appreciate the hard work our Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) do every day, we’ll take an excuse to give them a little extra love. Resident Service Coordinators assist residents by helping identify, locate, and acquire the services and support necessary to become and remain self-sufficient. Our team of two are rock stars- it is evident in the way they interact with both residents and team members around our community. Without them, our community would not be as lively, supportive, or compassionate. Our team of two, Alison Forgeron and Kimy States, work alongside each other to plan various enriching activities and programs for our residents, support one another as they navigate individual resident’s intimate circumstances, and advocate for the needs of the community and our residents. We thought it would be fun for them to each highlight what they appreciate about each other.


  • What is Kimy’s superpower?

Kimy’s superpower is speed! As a Service Coordinator you sometimes have a lot going on all at once and need to be speedy to get all your tasks done!

  • What do residents say about Kimy?

Residents love Kimy! They absolutely adore how friendly and welcoming she is to everyone she meets!

  • If you had to choose 3 words to describe her, what would they be?

Caring, helpful, supportive

  • How does she stand out as a service coordinator?

Kimy is a true advocate for our residents and goes above and beyond to meet their needs and make sure they are supported in their aging in place journey. It’s a privilege to be able to work alongside Kimy! I couldn’t ask for a better social worker to be my partner in crime. We work well together and have become close friends!


  • What is Alison’s superpower?

Alison’s superpower is confidence! She portrays trust in her decision making and her knowledge backs it up!

  • What do residents say about Alison?

Residents say that Alison is sweet/kind, understanding, and helpful!

  • If you had to choose 3 words to describe her, what would they be?

Reliable, outgoing, trustworthy

  • How does she stand out as a service coordinator?

She stands out cause she’s willing to help whenever needed!


Cheryl Wallen, Director of LifeMinistries, had this to say about her team of Resident Service Coordinators, “Kimy, Alison, and Angie (Givens Great Laurel’s RSC) blend and share their unique service coordinator qualities to insure quality care navigation and programming for our residents. They have a robust love for their work, profession, and the people they serve. Each of them share qualities of genuine compassion, empathy, and a desire to create a community where individuals are empowered to be well, have fun, learn, build relationships, and be active. Understanding the true meaning of ‘community’ our Resident Service Coordinators work alongside our community nurse as a housing with supportive services team to ensure that each resident understands they are a valued member of the Givens Gerber Park Community where they live and are deeply cared about. Our residents freely voice how fortunate and blessed they are to have Kimy, Alison, and Angie walk alongside them as advocates on their aging in place journey and often send them notes of appreciation, home baked goodies, and give lots of hugs. The American Association of Service Coordinators boasts that ‘Service Coordinators are the Heartbeat of Housing,’ and our residents and team members at Givens Gerber Park would totally agree.”