Tips and Tricks from the Givens Gerber Park Garden Committee

How to Grow the Perfect Tomatoes
Tomatoes require at least 4 square feet to grow. The best choice for raised bed or pots would be the determinate variety. They are easier to manage in small confined areas.
1. Rotate placement each year, if possible. If in pots, use fresh soil and sterilize pot.
2. Stakes should be put in before or as you plant to protect the roots.
3. Plant deep into the soil. In raised beds prepare soil 10”- 12” deep, work fertilizer, coffee grounds, worm casings, egg shells, and compost if possible into hole. Tomato plant should be planted at least 6”- 8” in the prepared hole. Take lower leaves off.
4. Mulch around the plant. This keeps weeds down and helps protect the roots in heavy rains and wind.
5. Prune tomatoes as they mature, especially at the bottom to allow air flow.

Some Determinate Favorites: Better Boys, Celebrity, Roma, Super Sweet, and Cherokee Purple.