Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist

If you mark the change of seasons by the temperature outside, then it’s safe to say it’s “officially” winter in Asheville. High wind chill and a significant drop in temperature this week give us the excuse, permission, and/ or invitation to stay in, and stay safe.

Our residents at Gerber Park have lived long lives and weathered many winters, but it’s still important to remind our residents and our community at large of things to keep in mind as the weather has the power to disrupt our normal routines and cause distress if we are not prepared and careful.

  1. If you’re able, make a run to your local grocery store/ pharmacy to pick up extra groceries (shelf stable and frozen meals are always a good option) and extra prescription medication in case of power outages, icy roads, etc.
  2. Stock up on batteries and ensure you have battery-powered candles, flashlights, etc. and can locate where they are in your apartment.
  3. Stock up on bottled water. As part of our inclement weather policy at Givens Gerber Park, residents are required to have enough bottled water in their apartments for at least 3 days. It doesn’t hurt to have a few days extra.
  4. Plan with your neighbors at Givens Gerber Park to check in on one another and don’t be afraid to ask for help or assistance. Whether it be a friendly phone call to combat loneliness when getting out and about is just not an option, or rotating runs to the food pantry and café on campus to supply yourself and neighbors.
  5. Set your heat to “auxiliary” or “emergency” heat. When it is too cold outside, the auxiliary heat function helps your heat pump extract warmth from the air. It usually automatically turns on, but we advise residents to adjust it manually inside their apartment. (You may call our maintenance department for step-by-step instructions or switch your thermostat to the right).
  6. To help reduce the risk of falls in icy and snowy weather during the winter months, especially as it can be hard to tell if a surface is icy and slippery, try walking with a cane or another mobility aid. Be sure to check on the tip of the cane (and consider replacing the rubber tip). Or try taking laps around in the hallways of the buildings. You may end up meeting a new friend!

We hope these quick tips remind everyone to be safe this winter, to check on their neighbors, and stock up on food, water, and supplies. Winter may postpone travel or disrupt our normal routines, but it presents an opportunity to slow down, get cozy, and spend more quality time with our friends and neighbors.

If you have any questions about our inclement weather protocols, other tips you’d like to share, or need help navigating resources available please reach out to the leasing office at 828-771-2207 or call your Resident Service Coordinator, Kimy or Alison. The Resident Service Coordinators have an abundance of resources to share with our residents regarding food delivery services, the mileage of each hallway for our avid walkers, access to the food pantry, and many more!

Stay safe (and warm)!